Atlantic Technological University Sligo


Atlantic Technological University of Sligo is a state-funded third-level educational institution with an important role in driving economic and social development in the Northwest of Ireland.

Role in project

Atlantic Technological University Sligo is responsible for developing and implementing the project’s Data Management Plan. They are also responsible for designing and developing the EmpowerCoast Digital Platform. This GIS-based platform will integrate data and results from all Work Packages and will allow coastal communities’ empowerment scenarios and actions, optimum solutions and empowerment interventions, to be visualised in a virtual environment.

The Team


Salem S. Gharbia


Salem is the leader of the H2020 SCORE project. He is also a Lecturer in Water Science and a Principal Investigator at IT Sligo. Water resources, climate change and integrated environmental systems modelling with Geographic Information System (GIS) are his main fields of interest. Salem has excelled and been distinguished in all his studies, and he has received many awards and grants, such as Trinity College's prestigious Ussher award for his novel PhD research. Salem has over 45 research publications, and has secured circa €11 million in research funding over the last 5 years.

Sudha-Rani Nalakurthi

Postdoctoral Fellow

Sudha-Rani works at the Environmental Sciences department at Atlantic Technological University Sligo. She has expertise in coastal vulnerability assessment studies, climate change and Geographic Information System (GIS) with major focus on sea level rise, land subsidence, saltwater intrusion and storm-surge analysis. She has also worked on socio-economic assessment for coastal adaptation. She currently works on low-cost sensor applicability on coastal waves; shoreline shift, and Nature-Based Solutions for coastal areas. She has a PhD from the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, India.