Ruralis is an organisation that carries out applied social research. The institute contributes knowledge and information to the political and administrative processes in Norway. Ruralis also has a special national mission as the Norwegian node in an international university network of rural sociology. Ruralis looks inwards at problems in their own field, while also reaching out to the main discussion in the scientific community at large.

Role in project

Ruralis is the Gender, Diversity and Equality Coordinator for the project and ensures that a gender/intersectional approach is integrated through Work Packages 1 and 5. As Gender Coordinator, Ruralis is the chair of the Gender and Equity Board. Ruralis is also involved in assessing methodologies for inclusion and empowerment of diverse actors in the project.

The Team


Madeleine Gustavsson

Senior Researcher

Madeleine's research focuses on gender and intersectionality issues, fisheries, the Blue Economy and coastal communities. She is the PI on the BluePlaces project funded by the Research Council of Norway. Madeleine previously worked as a Research Fellow (Proleptic Lecturer) and was the PI on the Economics and Social Research Council (UK) funded Women in Fisheries project at University of Exeter, UK. She holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Liverpool and an MSc in Marine Biology from Stockholm University.

Katrina Rønningen

Senior Researcher

Katrina is a geographer working on commodification, marginalisation and conservation processes in rural areas, land use and rights linked to the commons, agriculture, aquaculture and ocean, wind energy, and indigenous land use under the ‘green shift’. She is currently coordinating the research project ‘Funding Future Welfare: Bioeconomy as the «New Oil» and the Sharing of Benefits from Natural Resources’ (funded by the Research Council of Norway).

Sunniva Solnør

Research Assistant

Sunniva is a Research Assistant at Ruralis, working on projects on sustainability, renewable energy, and democratic and just processes. She previously conducted her Master’s thesis research with Ruralis in which she wrote her thesis about the experiences of democratic processes in the development of wind power in a smaller local community.